Adopting an older Egyptian Mau from us is a possibility occasionally.  These
cats are usually retired breeders or show cats that are neutered or spayed
and are ready for a laid back lifestyle.  They are current on their
vaccinations and have been health checked by our veterinarian.  Because
these are loyal cats adapting to a new home usually takes time.  Expect to
practice lots of patience and waiting.   If you are willing to be patient an
older Mau usually adapts well to new surroundings.   Like any adoption there
are some costs involved.  We do ask that you try and see the cat in person.
We are reluctant to ship an older Mau to a home that has never seen him or
her first in our home.  We would be happy to email or send photos to you to
help with your decision and a description of the cat's personality.  We
always want you to know that after a reasonable period of time it doesn't
look like the adoption is working we should be contacted to make
arrangements to have the animal back with us.  Under no circumstances should the cat be transferred, sold or exchanged at an animal shelter, animal
control facility , pet store or research facility.

Transportation and related costs are  the responsibility of the prospective
adoptive "parents."

Please contact us if you think you might be interested.


You may also download this questionnaire and mail it to us. We will respond shortly!

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