Our Grand Champions & Grand Champion Parents

CFA Grand Champion Ramah Rowan of Maunarch - Bronze


Grand Champion, Regional Winner, Breed Winner Ramah Nile Lily of Brockhaven - Silver, Female

CFA's 2004-2005 Best Egyptian Mau -NW Regions 3rd Best Cat

Grand Champion Ramah Chance To Dream - Silver

Grand Champion Maunarch Pharoh of Ramah - Bronze


Grand Champion Ramah Sarai - Silver, Female

Sire: Grand Champion Brockhaven Lucky Strike

Dam: Grand Champion BW, RW, Ramah Nile Lily of Brockhaven

Grand Champion, Breed Winner, Regional Winner Ramah MauTan Man -Bronze, Male

CFA's 2002-2003 Best Egyptian Mau -NW Region 9th Best Cat

Grand Champion Ramah Faith - Bronze, Female

Grand Champion Sharbees Mauria Tu of Ramah, Distinquish Merit - Bronze, Female


Grand Champion Ramah Niamh - Smoke, Female

Grand Champion Kikori Nefer of Ramah - Silver, Female

Grand Premier Ramah Talisman - Bronze, Neuter

Grand Premier Ramah Nokomis - Smoke, Neuter

Grand Premier Ramah Dancer of Northern Lights - Silver, Neuter

Grand Premier Ramah Rose O' Sharon - Bronze, Spay

Grand Premier Ramah Sandefer - Bronze, Neuter

Grand Premier Ramah Tommy Moe - Silver, Neuter

Grand Premier Ramah Ringmaster - Silver, Neuter

Grand Premier, National Winner Maison Dukat Mojave of Jewlz

Breeders- Mark & Linda Humpage

Owners: Mark & Linda Humpage / Karen Godwin

We cannot claim 'Mo' as our own but we are very proud of him just the 
same.  He is sired by our very own Grand Champion, Breed Winner, 
Regional Winner Ramah MauTan Man.  Mo, as he is affectionately called, 
became CFA's very first bronze National Grand Premier Winner.  If you 
don't know what that means it is an honor given to those cats who have 
accumulated enough points during the show season to place in the "Top 
25" all breed best cats.  Mojave was shown as a neutered male or 
"Premier" and prior to 2007/08 no bronze Egyptian Mau neuter or spay 
in any color had achieved the title National Winner.  Thank you to his 
breeders, Mark and Linda of Maison Dukat Cattery and co owner, Karen 
Godwin of Czarcatz cattery for making this achievement possible.

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