Grand Champion Ramah Chance To Dream- Silver

Sire: Ramah MauTan Man

Dam: Ramah Maid O'Mist

"Ramah Chance To Dream" who's call name is "Miracle" is a beautiful silver daughter of our Grand Champion, Breed Winner, Regional Winner Ramah MauTan Man and Ramah Maid O'Mist. She is so named "Miracle" because as an "only child" and hand raised from two weeks of age we were not sure she'd ever grow up to be the beautiful cat she is now. She has a "cuteness" factor that wooed several judges and we can't blame them. She has an extremely easy going nature and nothing seems to upset her including shrieking p.a. systems in the show hall. Her favorite pal at home is our chocolate Labrador Retriever spay "Raven" who she insists on sleeping with almost every night. We are looking forward to some lovely kittens from her in the future.

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