Grand Champion, Regional Winner, Breed Winner Ramah Nile Lily of Brockhaven - Silver

Sire: Kikori Hor A Ha of Ramah

Dam: Grand Champion Ramah Niamh

Lily's call name is "Precious" because she is! She took the 2004-05 show scene by storm and didn't stop till April 2005. She's just about as close to perfection as we could come with our breeding program and as one long time CFA judge remarked "When I was breeding Maus in the 70's, she is what I was hoping to achieve." Exhibitors and judges remarked over and over on her incredible showmanship and personality, always happy and easy to handle (not so with many Maus, unfortunately). Comments came from judges like "How did you get such a lovely temperament in a beautiful cat?" And another judge remarked at Lily's last show, "This cat no matter how many times I've handled her was always a joy." Lily is now beginning her motherhood career with some very promising kittens.

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